Providing Innovative Solutions


Technology Innovation Resources Sdn Bhd

TIR is a System Integrator providing innovative solution using today’s technology to our customers. TIR’s core competencies are: Systems Integration, High Performance Computing and Application development. In addition, TIR also provider maintenance Services (nationwide) for hardware and software, security products and services and trading on IT consumables.

Maghfirah Pustaka

Maghfirah Pustaka (M) was founded in 2012, it focused on the publishing of a quality Islamic reading contents. Maghfirah Pustaka has dedicated, professional and talented expertise team from various educations back ground to cater for the readers need in Malaysia and Indonesia market.

Maghfirah Travel

Maghfirah Travel provides the utmost first rate personalized Umrah, Haj or even travel to some of the European country there is. Maghfirah Travel has many years of pure experienced managements and close working relationship with hotels, accommodations and transport provider.

Humaira Trading

Humaira Trading provides platform for online sale mainly on book and nursery product. Maintained and supervised by expert with many experience to handle most of the buying and selling of the products online.

SH Agro

SH Agro involved in agricultural related to sheep, mainly on sheep meat for any purpose or event. With deep understanding of the business, SH Agro helps in providing customers with reliable quality stock all time.