Code of Conduct

Providing Innovative Solutions


1. Application

It is the policy of Technology Innovation Resources Sdn Bhd to conduct its business in an open, honest and ethical manner. Technology Innovation Resources Sdn Bhd adopts a zero tolerance approach to all forms of corruption and misuse of authority and power.

This Code of Conduct applies to all Directors, Executives, employees and contractors of the company.

In this Code:

COMPANY means Technology Innovation Resources Sdn Bhd and their controlled entities.

Board means the Board of Directors of each of COMPANY and its subsidiaries.

Employees means employees that are under full or part employment of the COMPANY.

Contractors means third party contractors or suppliers that were engaged by COMPANY to provide the required products or services.

2. Reasons for the Code

COMPANY is committed to delivering strong returns and values to its shareholders while also promoting general market confidence within the industry. The objectives of the Code are to ensure that:

- highs standards of corporate and individual behavior are observed by all employees in the context of their employment or other engagement with the COMPANY

- employees are aware of their responsibilities to the COMPANY under their contract of employment or other form of contract and always act in an ethical and professional manner; and

- all persons dealing with the COMPANY, whether it be employees, suppliers, clients or competitors, can be guided by the stated values and practices of the COMPANY

COMPANY is committed to complying with this Code and intends that all employees comply fully with it. Employees should at all times comply both with the spirit as well as the letter of all laws which govern the operation of the COMPANY and the principles of this Code. Further, employees should always use due care and diligence when fulfilling their role while representing the COMPANY and should not engage in any conduct likely to bring discredit upon the COMPANY, such as corruption.

3. Conduct of employees expected

All employees should:

3.1 Conflicts of interest

- Act honestly and in good faith at all times and in a manner which is in the best interests of COMPANY as a whole.

- Conduct their personal activities in a manner that is lawful and avoids conflicts of interest between the employee's personal interest and those of COMPANY and its customers. Where there is a potential conflict, the employee should report that conflict to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of COMPANY.

3.2 Confidentiality

- Restrict the use of non-public information (whether specific to the COMPANY or entrusted to it by others) except where disclosure is authorized.

- Not make improper use of any information acquired by virtue of being an employee, including the use of that information for personal gain or the gain of another party.

3.3 Responsibilities to stakeholders

- Always deal with customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees in a manner that is lawful, diligent and fair and with honesty, integrity and respect.

3.5 Protection and proper use of the assets

Ensure that COMPANY assets are protected and only used for authorized and legitimate business purposes.

3.6 Compliance with laws and regulations

- Always act in a manner that is in compliance with all laws and regulations. In addition, it is expected that all employees will act in compliance with this Code and COMPANY other policies as in force from time to time.

- COMPANY adopted zero tolerance level on bribery and corruption. The management prohibits its employee(s) from soliciting or accepting favors from or to suppliers/contractors/customers.

- Report any actual or potential breaches of the law, this Code or COMPANY other policies to the management.

4. Employment practices

COMPANY aims to provide a work environment in which all employees can excel regardless of race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual preference or marital status. In order to ensure that this occurs, COMPANY will from time to time maintain various policies relating to the workplace. Employees should familiarize themselves with such policies and ensure that they comply with them.

5. Encouraging the reporting of unlawful/ unethical behavior

COMPANY actively promotes and encourages ethical behavior and protection for those who report violations in good faith. COMPANY will ensure that employees are not disadvantaged in any way for reporting violations of the Code or other unlawful or unethical conduct and that matters are dealt with promptly and fairly.

6. Compliance with the Code

Chief Operating Officer has responsibility for monitoring and ensuring compliance with this Code, including the conduct of regular reviews of operations and general compliance. Any queries in relation to this Code should be referred to him/her. Failure by employees to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action, including in serious cases the termination of employment or other contractual arrangement.